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Connected Fibers supplies a large array of test equipment for production and use in the field. We are the North American distributors for Data-Pixels range of interferometers, concentricity and endface inspection systems. We also carry OptoTest Insertion and Return Loss test sets for Single and Multichannel applications. Other product offerings include the Noyes, Westover, Lightel  and MicroEnterprises product line.


Software and hardware for the DAISI Interferometer was redesigned from the ground up fixing many design flaws found in competitive products. With many automation features and a sophisticated interface to the micro controller-based electronic interface this system is designed to be used in high volume production facilities and requires little operator training

The Ferrule end-face geometry characteristics are key factors to the quality of patch-cords interconnections. While interferometry measurement tools can measure some of these characteristics (Radius of polishing, Apex-offset, Fiber height, ...), they cannot measure the eccentricity of the fiber core with respect to the ferrule outer envelope. Fiber-core eccentricity can have various origins such as fiber cladding to core eccentricity, ferrule envelope to bore eccentricity and unmatched fiber diameter to ferrule bore diameter. The Koncentrik V2 can provide this valuable information.

Insertion loss (IL) and return loss (RL) on fiber optical components are measured fast and accurately with the OptoTest OP930. The return loss is measured with the "no mandrel" method, meaning neither matching gel nor mandrel wraps are required at the far end of the cable.

With the extensive range of cost-effective and rugged hand held power meters and light sources offered by Noyes, you will be sure that you will find one that suits your application in the field. Choose from dual and quad wavelength multimode and singlemode sources and a large selection of power meters to provide insertion loss on installed links.

We have many different types of microscopes available to visually inspect single and multi-fiber connectors. We offer these in a hand held format for the field or benchtop with or without software for in-house production.


  The OP750 multichannel source can be configured for a mix of up to 24 individual or switched LED or laser sources. A single wavelength LED sources feature and internal large core fiber to guarantee an overfill condition into 62.5/125 or 50/125 multimode fiber available for the wavelength 850nm and 1300nm.

The OP710 multichannel  power meter offers an economical approach for optical power measurement applications where multiple channels are needed. Unlike other systems this instrument is built up with individual power meters allowing for unparalleled simultaneous data acquisition over all channels















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