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Delivering Long-Term Relationships.


Connected Fibers, LLC is a leading supplier of fiber optic products for a variety of telecommunications applications. Easily recognizable from other distributors and resellers, our relationship building sales approach and in-house technical capabilities puts us in an elite class of technology suppliers. To start, our sales team has over 50 years of combined fiber optic industry experience. Hence, our expert service to our customers is unique with capabilities such as a consultative sales approach and on-site technical training of our products. Next, Connected Fibers has the ability to source quality products with competitive pricing from our vendors across the globe. We use this supplier network to bring an array of technology resources together providing an "on time, every time" solution at very competitive prices. Finally, Connected Fibers operates a U.S. based, state-of-the-art cable assembly manufacturing and quality assurance lab. This allows us to add value to our products and bring boutique-style services to the forefront, such as loading & testing enclosures, inspection or private labeling of products, or building custom fiber optic cable assemblies. We also serve North American markets as a distributor for well known manufacturers such as Seikoh Giken, Data-Pixel, OptoTest, and FiTel to name a few. For the factory, Connected Fibers is focused on selling manufacturing and test equipment, components, consumables, and tools for cable assembly fabrication. For the field, Connected Fibers specializes in providing a variety of interconnect products, services, and test solutions.


Value Added Reseller, Redefined.


 Connected Fibers, LLC integrates industry leading technology from around the globe with individualized & personal service to provide you with the best solution for your needs. As a leading sourcing specialist in the fiber optic industry, we have to equally value our supply sources as we do our customers. This balance makes us responsible and caring members of the fiber optic community. Our slogan is "Connecting People to Quality Fiber Optic Products" emphasizing the importance of bringing outstanding technology suppliers to our customers with personal service. "Fast and reliable service achieves customer confidence and loyalty", according to Adam Geraci, Business Development and Co-Founder. "However, what REALLY differentiates us from other resellers of fiber optic products is our collective expertise in the fiber optics field. Our customers depend on our product knowledge and responsive service." We go one step further for our customers that are reselling our products. We are willing to blind drop ship and private label products anytime, every time.




Making the Difference.


Partner with Connected Fibers to design, manufacture, test and inspect your custom cable assembly or enclosure today. Connected Fibers' on shore quality assurance capabilities and off shore manufacturing ensures the highest quality products with the most competitive pricing for distributors and end-users alike. We also have on shore manufacturing in-house for those large cable or quick-turn requirements. Co-founder Randall Gritters explains, " Imported products are an essential part of the commoditized components and assembly marketplace, but it is essential that critical quality assurance measures are being implemented locally and that we have invested in the right equipment. What supplier can you really trust for quality if they are not checking these products on-shore? This is the quality service that Connected Fibers will bring to your supply chain."



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8:30am to 6:00pm EST, Mon - Fri.


Connected Fibers LLC
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Expedited shipping options available. All orders are carefully packaged to ensure a safe delivery of your order. We ship worldwide.

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Product Warranty

Connected Fibers products include a 1-year limited warranty against any defects unless otherwise specified. Please visit our legal information page for specific information on Product Warranties.



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