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Connected Fibers Piranha Long Life Diamond Films

Connected Fiber’s Piranha Films are compatible with the Seikoh Giken SFP-550S, SFP-550E, SFP-520 & OFL-15a series polishers.   They are also useable with any 5” round platen polishing machine available in the market.   Process information and support is also provided from Connected Fibers.


  Download Piranha Diamond Polishing Film Data Sheet  


5" Round PiranhaFilm for SFP-510/520/550
Part Number Particle Size Diameter Color


1um 5" Round



3um 5" Round



6um 5" Round



9um 5" Round



15um 5" Round



30um 5" Round




Seikoh Giken Polishing Film


5" Round Polishing Film for SFP-510/520/550
Part Number Description
DR5D-9U Polishing Film (20PCS/SET) Rough Polishing, 9um, Diamond, Pink.
DG5D-5U Polishing Film (20PCS/SET) Rough Polishing, 5um, Diamond, Orange.
DH5D-3U Polishing Film (20PCS/SET)  Medium Polishing, 3um, Diamond, Lime Green.
DI5D-1.5U Polishing Film (20PCS/SET) Fine Polishing, 1.5um, Diamond, Yellow.
DJ5D-1U Polishing Film (20PCS/SET)  Fine Polishing, 1um, Diamond, Lavender.
GA5D Polishing Film (500PCS/SET) Adhesive removal, 30um Silicon Carbide, Dark Green.
Marathon XF5D Polishing Film (100PCS/SET)  Final Polishing, 0.5um, Silica, Clear/White Long Life. More information here...
15303-5 Spacer Film 50UM (20PCS/SET)
15303-2.5 Spacer Film 25UM (20PCS/SET)


Polishing Film for SFP-70D/70D2
Part Number Description
AR07 Polishing Film (200PCS/SET)
CF07 Polishing Film (20PCS/SET) for cleaning after final polish.
DH07-3U Polishing Film (20PCS/SET) 3um Diamond.
DI07-1.5U Polishing Film (20PCS/SET) 1.5um Diamond
DR07-9U Polishing Film (20PCS/SET) 9um Diamond.
GA07 Polishing Film (200PCS/SET) Adhesive removal, 30um Silicon Carbide, Dark Green.
HF07 Polishing Film (100PCS/SET) Final Polishing, 0.5um, Silica, Clear/White.
SF07 Polishing Film (200PCS/SET)
SP07-005 SPACER 50UM (20PCS/SET)
















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