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The Connected Fibers family of rack mounted optical termination and in-rack splice enclosures are designed for the interconnection of patch cables, a combination of patching and splicing, or in-rack splicing. All of the enclosures are equipped with universal 19 or 23 rack mounting brackets. The product line supports from 2 to 24 termination panels in a variety of standard RU enclosures. Termination Shelves (TS) are designed with a slide out master panel shelf and allows for storage of splice trays behind the master termination panel. The Patch Splice (PS) enclosures have two separate slide out shelves: One with a termination master panel; the other with a tray support bracket and hinged trays. Swing out (SO) enclosures are designed for narrow depth applications with a hinged swing out master panel and splice tray storage.

The Connected Fibers family of wall mounted optical termination enclosures are designed to provide solutions for both the interconnection of patch cabling and a combination of patching and splicing. The family accommodates from a single termination panel up to 16 termination panels. Depending on the type of optical termination panel used, enclosures can support up to 192 terminations. The family of enclosures is separated into several application specific groups to support the level of termination capacity and feature sets required for the enclosures mount location.


















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